Basic Tax Planning

Allows you to understand your finances as it relates to your tax situation. Everything affects your tax liability and needs to be analyzed to find the appropriate tax strategy. We evaluate your tax situation from your withholdings to our filing status, and assist in finding acceptable tax write-offs for you.

Insurance Products

Insurance products are necessary to complete your household planning. We offer information on life and dental education, information, and products to fulfill all your insurance needs; covering children and the elderly.

Credit repair

Good credit is vital to your purchasing power, employment, and insurance purchases. We offer a credit repair program to protect, eliminate, and secure your credit worthiness.


As we reach age 65, insurance needs change. We offer Medicare education and products allowing you to make sound decisions about your greater than 65 insurance and Medicare needs.


Retirement planning

Retirement Planning starts at the beginning of your working career. We offer education and training and products to prepare you  for retirement, including insurance, annuities, 401k allocation, and asset allocation.

Stocks/Stock Clubs

The stock market is another product available for your financial strategy. It can be used as a tax strategy, savings account, or an investment tool. We teach stock classes that educate you on the stock market, teach you to have your own brokerage account as well as stock clubs for multiple members to invest as a group.


Investing your finances correctly.

Financial Coaching

Teaching you about your finances and how to set yourself up for the future.