Meet the Founder


Donna Rosby is a registered nurse, book author, entrepreneur, and businesswoman. She initially started her career working as a dietician for one year before starting nursing school some years later. Donna currently works as a bedside cardiac nurse for two different prominent Northern, CA hospitals. While working as a nurse she self-studied the stock market; which has encouraged her to share her knowledge with fellow nurses by starting a stock club. The success of the stock club has prompted her to open a second club with a group of her closest friends and associates. Donna is now the President of multiple investment clubs that aim to educate and empower members to become financially independent via the stock market and other investment vehicles.


After completing her MBA in Finance, Donna started her own company; Mikash Corporation which focuses on financial literacy. Some of Donna’s specialties are: tax planning, annuities, life and dental insurance, 401k/IRA assistance, asset allocation, credit repair, and much more. Donna specializes in the development of stock club(s) for individual or groups. As Donna’s business continues to progress, she continues to further her knowledge by adding specialty license Life, Health, and Annuities to her broadening repertoire. Simultaneously, Donna has completed a children’s finance book, and has plans for other books to follow that will focus on helping adults and youth in becoming financially educated, developing skills and techniques for saving early, and understanding that every dime counts.